Photo: Jacqueline hen

Inertia (Trägheit) is the resistance of any physical object to any change in its state of motion. What sounds like Newton’s law of boredom includes one of the most exciting dualisms: statics and dynamics. The goal of the exercise „Statics & Dynamics“is to understand construction and static principles in different scales. The notion of dynamics emphasize not only the complex interdependencies of natural and technical structures. It also refers to their ephemeral of existence in dependence to the environment. We ask the students to build spacial models out of sticks and straws in various scales.

They experiment with shapes, options of connections. We start simple by investigating platonic solids and then going to more complex principles like tensegrity structures and geodesic domes, small- and large scale with bamboo sticks. Complementary to this hands-on approach, we discuss for example the work of Buckminster Fuller, including his Idea of a „comprehensive anticipatory design scientist“, the Dymaxion World Map and politics of space. We also refere to contemporary Architecture philosophy (Schäume/Foams Peter Sloterdijk) and Artworks.