Jacqueline Hen is an Artist and Spatial Designer working on largescale performative installations. She studied Visual Communication, Spatial- and Experience design at the University of the Arts Berlin and Art Center College of Design Pasadena. Her work investigates possibilities of social transformation through communication and participation in the intersection of physical and virtual habitats.

In 2019 her work “Ligh High” was awarded with the International Light Art Award. In the same year, she was appointed “Meisterschülerin” at the University of the Arts Berlin. Since 2017 she is teaching Design as an academic-artistic-assistant at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM). At KHM she is focusing on the development of a contemporary „Grundlehre der Gestaltung“ (Design Basics), which relates to all areas of analog, digital, 2d- and 3d Design techniques, addressing universal principles like symmetry, rhythm, interaction. It questions the responsibility, opportunities, and limitations of Design as a discipline and its transformation from a historical but also contemporary sight. (How design changes the present & the present forms the design).

She worked as a research assistant at Fraunhofer Center for Responsible Research and Innovation Berlin (2014-2016) concerned with Technology Transfer Research, Process Design, Transformative Methods and the development of interactive holographic interfaces.



Speaking Schedule

12.03.2020     Genderpolitics, HBK Brunswick/Germany
17.01.2020     Materiathek – Material Practices, KHM Cologne/Germany
07.11.2019     Zero Foundation, Düsseldorf/Germany
27.11.2018     HBK, Transformation Design, Braunschweig/Germany
30.09.2018     Biennale Halberstadt, Artist Talk and Lecture, Halberstadt/Germany
15.09.2018     Biennale Halberstadt, Artist Talk and Lecture, Halberstadt/Germany

29.08.2018     Biennale Halberstadt, Artist Talk and Lecture, Halbertadt/Germany
02.12.2017     Civic Design Conference, Halle/Germany
14.11.2016     Dtim Europe, Berlin/Germany
27.09.2016     Digility VR Coference & Expo, Cologne/Germany

04.05.2016     Media Convention, Republica 10, Berlin/Germany
14.03.2016     International HighLightTour Cebit, Hannover/Germany
09.03.2016     Kunstverein Hannover Cebit, Hannover/Germany



08.09.2021 – 10.08.2021     Unaffected Gallery, by Type 7, Munich, Germany
18.06.2021 – 28.11.2021     “Out fo Space”, Hamburger Kunsthalle, Germany
23.01.2020 – 26.01.2020     Evilichtungen, International Lightart Biennale, Hildesheim/Germany

16.01.2020 – 18.01.2019     Trompe l’oeil – Orangerie Theater, Cologne/Germany
02.10.2019 – 05.10.2019     LightArt Festival, Kunstmuseum Gelsenkirchen/Germany
07.06.2019 – 10.11.2019     “The Future of Light Art“, Center for International Light Art

08.11.2018 – 08.11.2018     80th Memorial Day, Zerstörung der Synagoge Solingen,
28.09.2018 – 29.09.2018     Night Light Festival, Cologne/Germany
29.08.2018 – 29.09.2018     Biennale Halberstadt, Halberstadt/Germany
14.03.2016 – 18.03.2016     Cebit, Hannover/Germany
15.07.2016 – 17.07.2016     Gabriel Rolt Gallery, Amsterdam/Netherlands
23.06 2014 – 25.06.2014     EXO Gallery, The Hague/Netherlands
29.03.2013 – 29.03.2013     K-Supermarket, Hämeenkyrö/Finland
18.02.2011 – 27.02.2011     Galery M, Berlin/Germany
21.07.2009 – 21.07.2009     Villa Weißer Berg, Neuwied/Germany

Seminars/ Workshops

29.10.2020 – 21.01.2021     Open Lab @Academy of Media Arts, Cologne/Germany
29.10.2020 – 21.01.2021     Design Basics @Academy of Media Arts, Cologne/Germany
28.09.2020 – 09.10.2020     Labor der Künste, Jahresprojekt Montepulciano
07.10.2019 – 29.01.2019
     Open Lab @Academy of Media Arts, Cologne/Germany
07.10.2019 – 29.01.2019     Design Basics @Academy of Media Arts, Cologne/Germany
04.02.2019 – 08.02.2019     Design Basics @Academy of Media Arts, Cologne/Germany

26.10.2018 – 24.01.2019     Color and Form @Academy of Media Arts, Cologne/Germany
19.04.2018 – 12.07.2018     Raum und Rausch @Academy of Media Arts, Cologne/Germany
26.10.2017 – 15.02.2017     Design Basics @Academy of Media Arts, Cologne/Germany



07.06.2019     International Light Art Award


26.06.2020     German Design Award Newcomer 2021